Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Over-Drinking Experiment

There has been hundreds of thousands if not millions of books, articles, commercials, etc about the affect of alcohol on different parts of body but I would like to share this experience of mine.
We had this sort of meeting in this fine classy hotel which started according to the schedule at about 16:00 hours on one of the working days of last week. (no matter how little information I give, you simply can go to the hotel's schedule and find out every little about it)
The opening day for us was the bar. So I walked up and I got a beer, one of the unusual ones because I couldn't tell by looking at the bottle what brand it was. So I had that and obviously the event was going on! We had a few more minutes to go to a speech. I tired a few pieces of appetisers which were good and took another trip to the bar. This time I ordered Whiskey on rock. The guy two container. He had a sort of funny looking small scoop which would be used every time he wanted to fill my glass. I don't know what it's called. It looks like an upside-down pyramid which it's tip has been cut off! 
Anyway the first one I tired and it was not so bad and I talked to this guy who always takes photos in our meetings and events and then one of the managers came and we three were standing. I barely could hear the guy and was just nodding when he was giving a piece of his brain to the manager. To be not only a listener I gave a manager a short lecture by saying how happy and proud I was working for the great company! 
Then I tired to get another drink and this time I got the same and squeezed a slice of lime to it myself. Much better. I don not know how many more time I tried the same but it must have been at least 2 more times because when we all sat to listen and I think it probably took about 45 min., I could not understand a word of it! Apparently it was about safety but I didn't get anything. Then it was the dinner time. The meal was good and then after that we all left. I was not feeling very bad. I walked to the train station and then from the destination station walked home, for about 15 min., maybe.
It was at home that everything started. I had this constant feeling that I wanted to use the restroom and my mouth was so dry. I tried several time to remove the dryness by drinking glasses of water but did not help much. Then I said I should do something because being active helps to overcome hangover. So I started doing chores around the kitchen area! I was good as long as I was moving but the damn affect never went away the entire evening. 
I know for a fact that consuming too much alcohol damages the brain cells and a good example of it is Hodani. He is a constant drinker. There used to be piles of empty cans and Absolute Vodka and Whiskey bottles in his balcony. I guess he has lowered his consumption but years and years of drinking alcohol has made him practically a fool. He still is alert enough to perform his job, where he has been working since 2006 but his memory is completely gone. He tells you something today and tomorrow forgets about that completely. If he sees one person two days in a row and sees the second one in the third day, he still calls the second person by the first person's name for awhile, at least until he realises that he is a new person! Once I took him to a clinic back to the time that I lived in Squmish and he was visiting me there. he was complaining about stomach ache and the doctor diagnosed that as Ulcer
I must add that I was sober all the time but could not concentrate on the subject during the speech for example. Talked to the people, walked there and here without any problem. Hodani's one major problem was getting violent and I guess this is with many people. Some just get really dangerous. On once case we got into arm wrestling years ago and in another he was choking a buddy of ours! 
I guess enough has been said about my experience. The good thing is I do not drink regularly. So there is a very little chance that something like above happens to me. For that reason all the misery after the drinking worth the fun of it! 

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