Monday, April 21, 2014

Highway 22 (North of Highway No. 1)

When you look at the newly available Google Maps with all the information you think it is a complete map that could be used as a reference for almost everything. Outside the cities and towns normally what's shown is nature and what's related to it such as forests, stream, lakes and such as well as roads of different kinds. At times you see other information such as airport or so. I was looking at the area that town of Sundre is located yesterday and studies the road. I wanted to go there to see how it would be to get to Maze Peak later on. I took Crowchild Tr. and I have to say that after years of living here I had never traveled at that side of the City and beyond it and I was amazed! First off Crowchild is connected to Bow Valley Tr. when the city limit is ended! I never knew that and then as you turn on 22 and the magnificent view of the Rockies are in front, you see many big mansions all around HWY 22 built on acreages. That's when you realize where rich people live! You continue more to north and of course the map has not shown anything to you but there are farms after farms and ranches after ranches. Also pump jacks are seen occasionally and apparently the majority of them belong to Pengrowth, the company that Saddledome had its name with it until only a few years back. Other different businesses also are occasionally seen. You barely see any sedan on the road. Majority of the people drive big trucks and only few have small cars. I assume considering the weather in this area and the life style a small car does not work for them much.
I had driven for hours just the day before and I had never been a driver. Driving makes me so tired. So on the road I had to let everyone go as I don't drive fast. I also like to stop frequently and see things while I drive. For that reason I didn't go past Sundre. It is a small town that seemed very quiet and being Easter I guess most of people were busy with the families. Beside the season does not help the nature yet to make the road pleasant to drive. So I let the adventure to happen another time when everywhere is green. Here are a few businesses I found them advertising on the road and I may check them later:
1- Buckler Farms. For Saskatoon Berries and related products
2- Bergen Farmers Market. 9 KM off Highway No. 22 to west. Produce and fruit, I would say.
3- Solstice Farms. Saskatoon Berries and alike.
4- A meadery that I forgot the name but it's easy to find.
5- Bronze by Gina.
All of the above have website and easily accessible through the available roads.
(Photo: One of many ranches on Highway No. 22. I wonder if fresh beef could be purchased from any of them)

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