Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Skating at C. O. P.

We started a skating learning course in C. O. P. today. It was a good start, I should say. There were not many people and the trainees were divided based on their skills. We practiced everything we already knew but the instructor helped us get better. I practiced Backward Skating and Backward Bubble and my improvement was significant after the tips given by the instructor.
So the first impression was good and it was not as bad as what some have say. There was an error and that was the forms we had to sign. They were not the ones they had e-mailed us but we still were able to reach at the rink on time. The route map they had sent was helpful as well of other instruction. So, again, the first session went really well and we learnt and we had fun. I fell once on my left knee and had a little pain and that was when we were asked to practice Hockey Stop but rather than that there was no other issue. 
Winsport part of the C. O. P. has a few rinks that Hockey is also thought and practice. The Hockey Hall of Fame is also there and we may go to visit one day.
(Photo: People are practicing Hockey in another rink. Here a puck is deflected and coming towards the camera while the shooter is turning back)

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