Friday, April 25, 2014

Tradition of Seed Growing

A little more than a month has passed since the Iranian New Year, Norooz, was celebrated. Not that we celebrated it largely but didn't forget it either. One of the traditions which starts before the Norooz, which is the first day in Iranian calendar, starts is growing a seed. This seed could be Wheat, Lentil or any other thing but I think it is limited to 3 or at the most 4 different types. 
We had not done that for a few year and this year The Lady decided to have some. I guess she grew 3 different plates, with 2 different seeds. Growing a seed outside soil requires great attention. Adding enough water, putting a damp cloth on the seeds for a specific length of time and checking on it every night. Eventually the result was good and we had a green nicely grown plate of seeds at Norooz time. The unlike the tradition we decided to cut the stems and leaves every few days and add them to our salad! The result was good! Tasty and healthy. 
Just a few days after that I saw a couple of people in Co-Op selling almost the same things! They had small boxes, probably a quarter the size of our plate with all different sorts of seed grown in them. They were selling them for $4.99 each! It is expensive but it's understandable that some intend to be rich overnight! A few days later I saw the same boxes this time each was selling for $2.99 and still were sitting there! I don't think people have a clear idea as how they should use these ones on daily basis. They had started going yellow and they will be all gone in a few days. But it would probably make a good business if the majority of people cares about what they eat! 
(Photo: Leaves and stems of wheat, it should be is cut and put in a pot and stored in the refrigerator for daily usage)

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