Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Separatism is Condemned, Everywhere

There was this news that made me very happy: The Quebec separatist/racist party is defeated and the leader has resigned! I don't know how people can show their faces and announce that they would tear the country apart by making their territory, province or anything a separate and autonomous state! I mean what the hell was she thinking?! The example of all the countries who were together and now are tiny little of cat pow in the map should be a good example of them. Should it not? Look what happened to former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan which was on the verge of being cut to pieces after years of civil war. Look at the Korean Peninsula and what happened to former Soviet Union? Are any of them better off now!? 
Canada was started with Quebec and Quebec will remain a part of forever. 
We had and still have same stupid claims in the old country and that's actually not in one corner but a few different parts. It is certain that the government discriminates against minorities but that's no reason to pick up a rifle and spread terror in the country by kidnapping and killing.
I early 80s, right after the Revolution, many small and big groups used the opportunity, grabbed a rifle or a grande and started being a separatist. Kurds in the west, Turkmens in north eastern part, Arabs in south west and Balooches in south east. I guess the Kurds were the most serious since they have been fighting for independence in three countries of Iran, Iraq and Turkey since the First World War! The government answered that with napalms and beat the shit of them! Also it is claimed that many kids, women and elderly, more specifically civilians were killed but they killed as many military servicemen as they could. They killed young soldiers who were serving a two years compulsory service of the country. It's also claimed that the Hanging Judge issued many death verdicts both in Kurdestan and Gonbad area. I actually listened to an interview of him with BBC some 10 years ago and when he was asked why the people were mascaraed for their request to be independent his answer was simply " Because the country should stay unified "! I don't know the magnitude of the killings but people in the old country must have all forgotten these few starting years of after the revolution. Even the Hanging Judge was isolated and forgotten in his last years of life. He died shortly after my immigration in 2003. Whether he did something good for the country or he was a murderer? Many may ask this question from themselves. Maybe not many but in my opinion his answer was a good one: The country should remain unified. But of course using force is not acceptable. In this case, as said, the separatists were armed and were doing anything to gain their request. 
(Photo: Ayatollah [Islamic clergyman] Sadegh Khalkhli in military uniform on left. This of course is not how the Islamic Shea Clergymen dress but it seems to a photo from the time that he led parts of the operation in Kurdistan province in west of the country in early 80s. It is claimed that he is responsible for killing many kurds. On right the fool leader of Quebec separatist party Pauline Marois who resigned after defeated in the recent election, last Mon. Both of them are extrimists: Khalkhali to use excessive force to wipe the separatists out and Marois in using foolish idea and application of Hitler-like speeches!)

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