Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Cursed Pipe: XL

The approval for the construction of the pipeline which takes Alberta's oil to the Gulf of Mexico is postponed by the US Government again. It obviously is not a good news for Albertans as well as all of Canada. The new Premier of Alberta and the Prime Minister both expressed their concerns and disappointment. There are other impacts of this decision. One important one is the grain growers' concerns. If there's no pipeline then the oil should be transferred via rail and that means no locomotive for grins to be moved and exported out of the country. I do not have good statistics but I know for a fact that Canadian grains and seeds get exported to all over the world and interruption to this could either to loss of market or people going hungry!
But what affect this might have in all those Oil Sands extraction projects? The producer might want to slow down a bit and that means lay offs and slower economy for the country. The aftermath of this will be huge, like a Tsunami!
(Photo: One of many grain elevators in Alberta and the train wagons. That is how Canada's products are transported to the ports and then from there to the world)

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