Monday, May 05, 2014

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I was curious as to see what this Planet of the Apes movie was about a few times that I had seen the cover of the DVD case. It didn't seem very appealing to me so I ignored it. It seemed a cheap B Movie to me until this movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes came to the theatres in 2011. We watched it and liked it. In my search for reasonably-priced movies in HMV, Wal-Mart and Superstore, once I came across the DVD but I realised a bastard had stolen the disk and just the case is left! Then I saw it again in another Wal-Mart location and bought it. All I can say is magnificent movie. Awesome play by the actors, good story, incredible visual effects and good directing. I have to mention that Superstore used to be a good source to find good movies, not very expensive. The two locations that I normally go to and that is maybe once a month or even longer have done renovation and remodelling and removed most of the movie and electronic stuff. I guess that didn't have much of profit for them. Wal-Mart is not bad but we go to Wal-Mart only for fruits and vegetable and you have to go during the week otherwise you'll see all sorts of maniacs, crackheads and assholes as well as you have to stay in long lines! HMV is good but you have to be patient in there. The good thing about HMV is it is not crowded and you do not have to stay in lines for a DVD or two. 
I also learnt later on that the original Planet of the Apes was made in 1968 and Charlton Heston has a lead role in it while Tim Burton made one in 2001 and that is the one which I have seen its DVD. I will probably watch both as soon as I got the. Heston has a major role in one of my all time movie, Soylent Green and Burton is my favourite for his Batman, the very first one in 1989
Anyways the only dark spot in the movie was one the apes pushed back the police on Golden Gate Bridge. The officers run away and then a helicopter appeared and a guy on a machine gun started killing them. They overcame that. No problem here and then they simply crossed the bridge and went to Red Woods. No back up for the police, no army guys! And it shows that the apes are running to fog which could be facing forces at the other side. But it's OK. Another part of the movie is coming soon, I guess in July under the name Dawn of Planet of the Apes. We are going to watch that for sure and this time in 3D!
(Photo: This scene is selected from the movie when the apes have broken out of their confinement and taken themselves to the streets of San Francisco. The one in the middle, holding no javelin, looking down, is Caesar, played by the British actor, Andy Serkis. Awesome Act)

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