Saturday, May 03, 2014

Spring in Calgary

It was raining almost all day last Fri. and then late evening it turned to snow and except for a few minutes, it has not stopped! The first month and a half has passed in spring but we barely have seen any leaf yet. 
I wanted to get some activities and decided to go to Bowmount Park. Checked in in the map and then decided to follow the G. P. S. but the damn machine didn't have it so I drove alongside Bow River on Memorial Dr. and ended up in Edworthy Park. There were a few people there. I then remembered I had biked this park, only it's northern bank part years ago, I guess it would have been summer of 2003 probably. The snow was falling but it was not cold, only -2 degrees Centigrade. I had a walk for about an hour and then headed home to prepare something for dinner.
(Photo: Canadian Geese are grazing at the bank of Bow River in Edworthy Park. I bet they are as confused as many others. Didn't probably expect this!)

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