Saturday, July 04, 2015

No Luck with The Wedge

After I injured my ankle the Fri. before and wasted a weekend, I decided to compensate and reach the summit of The Wedge that we had attempted earlier with The Chef but I failed again! I set the alarm for 05:05 hours while Fitbit was set to 05:00. The wristwatch's alarm went off and I woke up. I didn't feel very determined and comfortable to go but started getting dressed and that was when Fitbit silent alarm went off! Either there's a problem with this device or it's clock is behind, compare to my wristwatch. I grabbed my stuff and drove toward Kananskis.
I was at the pond at 07:00 and shortly after that I started the hike. There was no other vehicle parked. I didn't even have to look for the trail-head this time and easily hit it. The trail looked completely different this time due to vegetation and wildflower grow. It looked like I was walking on a completely different terrain!
Wildflowers alongside the trail and on the hills are so beautiful
I felt tired as the night before I had not have a good sleep but kept dragging me upward! The higher I got, the more beautiful the trail got until I went: Wow! The variety of shape and colour of the wildflowers was just incredibly beautiful. I was so glad that I had come but the trail felt harder. It could have been because I was alone this time. After almost 2 hours I reached the rocky part of the mountain where the trees were finished and the scramble would soon started. I sat down, something I had never down in a hike and drank some water a very small piece of chocolate while studying the way up. The beginning of trail was quite obvious so after a 10 minutes of rest I started going up or 
better to say going around the mountain with the hope that it takes me up to the summit.
The sky looked very beautiful in the day
The trail was not bad regardless of a few loose rocks that I had to be careful with but I wasn't gaining much elevation. After almost half an hour I realized that the trail is fainted and I didn't know where I had to go. This could be an excuse but the rocks looked very steep and there was not even a soul around(!), I was tired and confused as well I though The Lady was waiting for me to take the vehicle back so she could go shopping. All the mentioned combined together caused me to climb back. There was no one coming up, all the way down until I get to the parking lot. My knees hurt a little bit but I enjoyed the wildflowers and scenery all the way to the bottom. I reach back to the vehicle shortly before 12:00 which made the entire length of hike a total of 05:00 hours including the breaks and moments I stopped for photography. Will I go back to reach the summit again? Yes. I very much like to do that but I will not go unless I find the route as I do not want to waste any tine up there again. This is what happened to me last year when I attempted Grotto Mountain. My final attempt which got me to the summit was the 3rd one but that was really good. I have to make the summit of The Wedge this time.
(Photo, top: The Wedge is seen shortly after the trees are finished and you would have to start scrambling shortly after this slope)

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