Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Workpalce Stories (21): Freaking Miserable Stingy

I've written about this piece of shit whom I work with several times. I just can't help writing this. It truly should show how some cheap bastards live their nasty lives!
So this guy is notified that he would have to attend a meeting at a company we work with at about 10:00 AM or some time around that and he was so happy that he would not have to bring lunch and he would be served free lunch buy the said company! This is from a guy who possibly gets around $7000 per month, maybe even more! And in all these years that I've been working with him he has never spent a Penny on outside food. Not a Penny. He always brings home-made food and east as much as an 8-year-old girl!
So the meeting day comes up and he's so happy that he can save $3 today(!) because that's how much his food costs but his happiness ends as soon as he realizes that someone else is attending in spite of him! He's so sad and keeps complaining about the situation but he's not sad that he would not be part of the meeting. He doesn't care. In fact any meeting without him would be much smoother and valuable, I strongly believe. He's upset that he doesn't have anything for his lunch and he doesn't want to spend his own money to buy lunch for him!! 
I could never imagine that I would face people such as him in my life! I go to him and he's sitting at his desk with his fingers around a cup. I ask him what he would have for his lunch and he says he had poured himself some milk and is fasting!! I was going to say: Stinking animal! If you're fasting, then what's that you're drinking?! What kind of fast is that? On that moment I wanted to knock him down with just one punch in a way that only he could be on his feet after spending 24 hours in bed but of course I didn't. he spend the whole afternoon with that glass of milk, the milk that the company buys for the employees to add to their coffee and waited to get home and eat his postponed lunch!

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