Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Stampede 103

I have to admit that at first I didn't want to go to Stampede this year but when The Lady insisted and I went I really enjoyed it. It was quite fun and it could be even better. We first started from Stampede Parade which was held on last Fri, and I believe they had shorten its route because after leaving 6th Ave., they took 10th St. instead of their regular which used to be 11th. I guess we spent as long as probably 45 minutes or more and that was excellent.
On Sun. we decided to use the opportunity of Family Day and although it was a bit crowded in the morning, it went very well. The reason that Stampede gets very busy on Family Day is its free breakfast which attracts all refugees, welfare, Value Village and similar people. Some come early just to get the return stamp but anyways we didn't mind them. 
Barbecued Turkey Legs are among the favorites in Stampede and quite costly too
A new arena has been built in Agriculture Center and I guess they now perform some of the animal shows in that area. We watched the shepherd dog and sheep show (whatever its official name is) and a few of carriage running ones. They were OK. I was there mainly for The Lady
At noon we decided to get a taste of Stampede so we tried a Roast Beef Sandwich from the same place we had tried a few years ago, maybe the last time we were there, 2 to 3 years back. The sandwich is expensive like many other food in Stampede but that was OK. 
We took a break and returned after a few hours of rest with the hope that we could make it to fireworks but we were too tired and ended up taking a few photographs and eating a Barbecued Turkey Leg. For me who makes Turkey Dinner in oven and it actually turned out to be very good, it was not something special particularly when you have to pay $17 for a leg but we enjoyed the taste. I remember back to 2006 or maybe earlier we were surprised as why we had to pay $8 for a leg but we paid this time just to taste it and that was good. We were tired so we left and decided to see firework another day. So if you haven't been to Stampede yet, go. It's fun for all sorts of people. This year we didn't try Nashville North but seemed very crowded. What was a bit surprising this year was number of barbecue stands. There was one side of the exhibit which at least 6 or seven food stands were providing all healthy foods of Stampede! From Hamburger and Turkey Leg to Hot Dog, Corn Dog, Pork Belly Wrapped in Bacon and other great stuff but we limited ourselves only to what I indicated above.
(Photo, top: Cowboys are riding Appaloosa on Stampede Parade in Downtown Calgary)

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