Friday, July 10, 2015

Rose and Crown

We had a few ticket for a Budweiser Stampede Party to Rose and Crown so we went there around 18:00. It was hot and sunny and only a few people in. That was my first time in the place but realized that from my previous drive-by. Got a Budweiser Stampede edition which was a nice design of can and enjoyed. Other fellas showed up and we decided to get a Hamburger. So we went to the smoking grill. The Hamburger was not bad but no tomato, pickle or anything else. Just Ketchup and Mustard was available as well as radish. Enjoyed it though. 
Few songs was played by a band which was nice and we took the second and third trip for Beer and Hamburger. 
Budweiser Stampede 2015 edition can
At the end I believe I ended up eating 4 Hamburger and 3 Beers but I was fine. You know what people do when they find themselves by the grill and cooler of beer. The only difference here was that we didn't have to pay. So it tasted even better when it was free! We had a glimpse at the inside of the bar and it was nice but we spent the whole time out. People started to filling in when we were leaving. We had enough food and drink and sitting would have not helped so we decided to walk back to the vehicle and drive home. 
(Photo, top: Entrance to Rose and Crown from its yard, from 4th St., SW)

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