Friday, July 31, 2015


The Lady notified me of this new movie called Trainwreck last week shortly after it had been screened. I checked the trail and realized it was a little bit extreme but we went anyways since she wanted to watch. She was bored!
First, for someone whose English is not the first language, I wondered what Trainwreck might mean. According to what I found the term means having intercourse with multiple guys or to be exact getting a gangbang. There was no gangbang in the movie but Amy Schumer, the star of story is a girl who sleeps with almost everyone whom she finds attractive and even at times the ones whom are not so attractive! So maybe the term means something quite similar to promiscuous, maybe! In the end this is what the movie is about: Average North American girl: Start sex under legal age, some at around 12 or 13, smoke weed, sneak out of school and home whenever the opportunity presents itself, drinking and drinking and more drinking until they reach an age that they're kicked out of the house and ended up with a guy. If the relationship does not go anywhere they think of finding a job and while it's not so hard to find one, it would definitely be hard to find one which worth spending time on! So the movie fails in its first category for review: Story! It has absolutely nothing new to present. I guess it's written by Schumer. Considering she's a stand-up comedian, it's not a surprise. Most if not all of stand-up comedians write their own material. She probably stitched what she had used in her acts and made up the story for this film which is fine! Then it comes to acting: Schumer is fine and there's a new guy that I had not seen or heard of him in any movies before and he's nothing special. LeBron James plays a role too and he's cool. He alongside the former Knicks Amre Stoudmire delivers an OK performance. The other athlete who performs briefly is a gorilla-shape bodybuilder that I had seen him on TV before. He has a sex scene with Schumer and plays as his boyfriend. 
Her jokes, to me, which mostly were about sex, were not funny but the Canadian gals in the movie house were mostly laughing their heads off. After all I didn't like it some might. I had nothing new for me and I only would give it 1.5 out of 5 and that's because of the good performance of a few actors and Schumer. Nothing else.
(Photo: Stand-up comedian and actress Amy Schumer. In other published photos of her, the ones taken on a beach, for example, her belly is hanging out! maybe this one is before or after getting fat or some gals put a sort of stretching gown on! I don't know!)

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