Monday, February 01, 2016

Flashback (31): Night is Falling

I finally convinced The Lady to go to Shaganapi Park for a skating practice yesterday afternoon. It was her original suggestion but got dis-motivated during the day, a Sun., until finally accepted to go! So we went there and we realized it was crowded! A few assholes with luge and other similar vehicles were pulling kids on the ice! I thought ice is for Skating and Hockey but what can I do?! We decided to do a little shopping and come back and luckily most of the had been scattered. So we geared up and started. It was not bad and after almost 20 min. I told her that we should have left. She said: You're being your Grandma now! She's right this was the story that I had told her about my Grandma and she reminded me of that!
Although our family was the one who mostly visited Mara but we have barely any photo. Of course digital camera was not available in those days and we did have a Polaroid but not photo. This shows Mulberry of white kind which is very popular and of course delicious. It is used both fresh and dried. 
I guess this is what is happening to us immigrants at this age: Memories keep coming to mind, especially when we're alone. Loneliness can be considered being without friends or much social life. Anyways this is what the story is. We used to go to this little valley village called Mara near the town of Damavand where my Grandfather had a house, a few orchards and a few lots. It was close to Tehran and a wonderful getaway in summer. In fact my Grandma would go and stay for up to 3 months sometimes. There was no telephone and barely electricity in the first years that I remember I went there. The weather was so nice in hot summer days that you would not be able to sleep without a blanket. The orchards were all one of a kind. Incredibly delicious and natural fruit, not these most of carp that you get from supermarkets. We had Sour Cherry, Apple, Apricot, Walnut, White Mulberry, Pears and of course some vegetables. I remember we used to go to the river and enjoy the fresh air and fruits. My Grandma had this habit which saying: Night is falling. Let's go back home. While it was not even dusk! I never knew why she would say that but it became a kind of expression within a family and everyone was saying it jokingly! Those incredible beautiful days are long gone with most of the people that we used to hang out with. Grandma was gone long time ago. Probably more than 25 years ago. Dad is gone. Two of the uncles are gone and the family is dispersed and scattered. The only thing remains is the memories which are said off and on. 
(Photo, top: Shaganapi community skating rink is awesome even at night. The good thing about it is that you do not have to spin around yourself! You go straight and maneuver and it's very pleasurable and at night the lights help you to keep a balance!)

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