Sunday, February 07, 2016

Ignorance Is Bliss

We went to a local Safeway for a little grocery shopping a few days ago and in its bakery department we saw this above sign! Apparently an idiot wanted to used Italian flag to advertise for a new bread in the bakery and somehow ended up using the Islamic Murderers Republic of Iran flag! 
I know that people are mostly fucking ignorant particularly someone who works in a bakery of Safeway but hoped at least the store manager would know the difference between the flags! Although that might be a wrong assumption as well. Most of people in Canada has never left the country or if they did have not been further than Toilet Mexico or at the most the US. They don't know geography, history and nothing for that matter. Some have traveled to Toilet Mexico a few times but never to Newfoundland and Labrador! Ignorance is truly a bliss for many here and they're just happy that they have a pay-check coming to them every two weeks and a pussy to fuck or a dick to suck! Politicians do whatever they want and sell it to people under the name of democracy! 
And now this piece of crap, Trudeau with his ridiculous cabinet of the people can barely speak the official language of the country, intends to restart relationship with the fucking Islamic Murderers Republic of Iran
(Photo: Picture taken from a Safeway bakery department shows Islamic Murderers Republic of Iran flag mistaken for Italian! What of stupid, piece of shit these people are!)

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