Friday, February 12, 2016

Ongoing Applications

I have had a few applications for different things in my life that at a time I felt it would be an ongoing application, forever without a favorable result! They are all related to my life in Canada as my life was pretty normal and easy before that! One might asked then why I moved to Canada? When I moved the country of my origin was about to take a big nose dive. In fact it had started a few years before I left but the steepness was not much. In the past 15 years this course of decline has been so much that the country now has an economy, education, environment, culture, mentality and morality of the least immoral people in the entire world and there seems no bright future. 
Nevertheless the first one was obviously this application for immigration to Canada which I think took some 8 years, perhaps! It's so far away that I can't remember how many years I waited for that and did different things, not knowing that the life would be tougher in many aspects here. And not knowing that many people simply make up a story and come to Canada and use many benefits that the governments, both federal and providential and maybe even municipal, provides for them. Or they get somehow lucky, like these bunch of Syrians who got on the plane and now are being treated like Royal Family here! I filled out forms, collected documents, performed finger prints and criminal background check, studied English and even traveled to Damascus once. There was days that I was walking by the embassy of Canada, on my way home, looking at the flag and thinking would I ever get the chance to go there! Now I'm here and have no clue what to do to get myself out of this mess! 
Then when I was in Canada and had a very tough, physically demanding job. The life was going on but there was barely any week going on without me thinking: Would I ever get an easy and well-paid job which suits my education, needs, talents, etc.? 
Took me almost 10 years until I got what I thought I had been waiting for: A job in the field that I had been educated in and had experience. Soon I realized I was wrong! Assholes at work ignored most of the things I ever said and the job became a nightmare. There was barely any month going on without job applications,particularly after I was recognized as a Professional Engineer. All those companies that I had interview with are in trouble now and they are releasing their work-force. My earning was not bad. I lived a pretty good life and spent the way I wanted, almost until I got kicked out and now back to the starting point again! 
I was approached for the third time by this company in British Columbia for the position I had applied back in the Nov. It was just this last Wed. when the person said that they would need more for a 6-month contract. Another ongoing application. He said he would contact me by the end of the week but nothing happened. He had said the same thing last time he called and took him more than 10 days to contact but I guess this time the position is gone to someone else. But what can I do? I just keep applying! That's all I'm capable of. 

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