Saturday, February 06, 2016

Normal Until Sober

The Chef had a serious problem with drinking and now it's much better. It was so bad that I had to take him to a clinic when he visited me in Squamish a few years ago. There was not a single day that I went to his place and he didn't offer me cans of beer. Now he has switched to red wine! He thinks its healthy and good for him as well as being cheaper. I haven't seen either when he drinks it! 
First of all it doesn't seem to be cheaper for him because he buys a bottle of cheap wine for $10 to $12 and finishes it with his meal. Boom! Gone! And then another bottle for the next meal! Second of all the amount he drinks I don't think it's healthy and its disadvantages are more than the advantages. 
We went to Radjoot Restaurant this week and being a buffet we both got a plate of food and just after a few minutes he ordered red wine. The guy who actually is very nice and polite brings him a glass of wine and he gulp it down after a few bites! 
Then The Chef turn to me and says that he was saturated, I quote, and if he had know we would come here for lunch, he would not have had that much breakfast! He told him to go for a lunch and when I suggested Radjoot, he agreed! Then he kept eating, obviously not as much as what I was eating, because I didn't have any breakfast(!) and ordered the second, the third and I guess up to 5 glasses of red wine. Every time the guy would come with his measuring cup(!) and would fill The Chef's glass. I finally felt full after two plates of food and two cups of desert and he was eating slowly and unwillingly. He seemed drunk after the third glass and when he is drunk, he act weirdly! He laughs and he looks around and whispers to himself and eats small bites. I couldn't ask him to go but he finally realized he could not eat any more although he had some food in his plate! 
He was paying so he went to the counter and paid while had a little chat with the guy. I guess he ended up paying some $80 for both of us(!) and was complaining why the bill was that big! I told him that cost was mainly the wine because the buffet only cost $15 each which with tax and tip would not go higher than $40 but he ended up paying double the normal cost as he was drunk and he didn't enjoy the food very much as he was almost full! That's what happens when you're not sober in a restaurant!
(Photo: Radjoot restaurant in 4th St. SW is a popular lunch place among the neighbouring businesses and residents. This is their main lunch buffet section taken with my stupid mobile phone)

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