Thursday, February 25, 2016

Land of Poor and Rich Only

In Canada two groups of people live well. Actually very well: The poor and the rich! If you're poor, you get all sorts of helps from the government, non-profit companies and else. You never had to study so you don't have to keep up-to-date! Continuing education and its high tuition mean nothing to you! You buy your cloths from Value Village or receive it as donation. If you want to spend plenty, you buy from Wal-Nasty-Mart! Your meal is probably consist of some sticky rice, canned food or other lumberjack type(!) which is very cheap. Here I would like to insist that I have nothing against lumberjacks and their food! Lumberjack food is usually called to a food which has lots of Carbohydrate and some Protein but not much or no vegetables or fiber item. This is considered very favorable food in many cultures including India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other advanced (!) Countries like that.Your hobby is sitting at home and talking or at the most watching TV. In summer the best way to spend time is walking in the park because it's free. generally you're OK. Nothing much affects you. Tomato $2.99/lb doesn't bother you because you're happy with your nice, noodle or $2.5 Hamburger. I just bought 4 tomatoes for $3.88 from Safeway yesterday.
This is what is being talked about in North America and probably soon Europe and other Industrialized countries: The middle class is being eliminated. Most of the jobs are becoming the ones not required any skill and many are being removed. Skilled jobs are subject to high competition and many companies tend to hire people with less expectations such as East Indians and Chinese.
On the other hand the rich is not worried about anything. They enjoy their million dollars homes, expensive restaurants, luxury cars and vacations. In fact the gap between poor and rich is so deep that sometimes it sounds scary. There are people who collect cans and bottles and sleep on the street or shelter or they have a job, they work like a horse for some $1800 a month while there are people who make that $1800 in a day! For me that have been always in the middle, it is very tough now and all when things get tough, the tough gets going is what I believe in but seems that this time it's no joke! I've been out of work for almost 5 freaking months now and I had to adjust to a new life style. Haven't been to a movie, haven't been to HMV for 6 months now(!), my eating habits have changed and I have problem eating good healthy foods I used to eat every day because good and fresh vegetables and fruits are expensive. I have switched to cheaper, less nutritious foods and all those trips that I had planned now look like they are dreams! People say that's for everybody! But that's not. Many people cannot give up their life style even after losing their job. Thanks to credit card companies. Their expenses remain high and they go deeper and deeper in to debt but I don't think there's much that they worry about. You can't pay your rent, you'll move with family or back to your hometown. You can't pay the mortgage. Too bad! You're losing the home but these are not all about the trips that you can take only when you're young and that's what I'm worried about!

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