Friday, October 20, 2017

CFLRS Notes (40): Sergeant P (P for Psychopath!)

CFLRS has a big group of instructors who have come from different elements and trades. They are needed to train the continuous flow of recruits, arriving in the school on weekly basis, particularly in summer. The flow increases in the summer and I will explain why in a separate post later. It's not hard to become an instructor because for theory stuff, they all read the material from their notes or a PowerPoint file! At times they even don't bother reading. They ask the recruits to do that! Sometimes when a question is asked they might even give you the wrong answer because of language barrier! This one rarely happens. However it's at times hard to remain an instructor because as an instructor you have to deal with lots of people and some of them are really slow. Some others, like me, are simply resistant to orders although they eventually follow it because they have to. The second number is very small. Refusing an order could result in a charge although I don't know the detail because I never refused one. I was once considered, if I may say, disobedient and then I was revealed from that order. That is a separate story.
Most of the instructors I had were good people. A few of them were disgusting. Just a few! There was this Sergeant that started going on me the minute I stepped in the platoon's office! I call him Sergeant P here because if I wrote his name and someone read this and told him, he would go after me, although everything is true.
This guy was a good instructor but for whatever reason he didn't like me. So I tried to stay away from him but it was not sufficient! I had a word exchange with a freaking idiot, who misunderstood me and that become a reason for Sergeant P to be tougher on me. He said that he would dot every I and cross every T to make sure that I would not get away from that! This actually was a refresher for my English because I had not heard that expression for years! Then there was a time that I made a joke in the class about a guy and although he didn't have a problem with that, the Sergeant made a case out of it and despite my apology, I got a Note to File for that as well! 
Up to this point things were bad, obviously! However my performance was not so bad. I finished 8 Km March successfully with no issue while some had problems. He didn't like that either and on the way back to the rooms, while I was going to help my fire team partner with his duffel bag, he got mad, for no reason and used F bomb as usual! Generally I had not seen someone like that amongst instructors and I guess because of his rank, experience and age, others could not say much. Even the Platoon Commander was silent in front of him. I even remember that he farted just near the commander without seeing a reaction! Generally he was a nasty person but you should see why. 
This guy similar to many other staff in CFLRS had been deployed to Afghanistan and over there, I heard, either from him or other recruits, that their LAV was attacked and shot by rocket or something like that and he got knocked out unconscious. He was transferred then to a medical center and was treated for his injuries but I don't know anything about the detail. He said that when he came back, shortly after his return or later, I don't recall and it's not important, his wife left him for an Officer! Divorce is not so uncommon in Canada but the rate is high in CAF, it's said. Even staff told us that if anyone thinks of having a family life, he or she should consider not having one after joining CAF although many staff are married. That didn't surprise me. In a society that only 49% of the population lives as family, having a high rate of divorce, in an organization which requires its members to travel and displace a lot, is not such a big deal. 
I even heard, from another person that his second wife had left him too! So a person with such history cannot function normally and always looks for something to defuse his anger! 
I saw him once after I had already left the platoon. The thing I told him the second I saw him was: Sergeant It's so good to see you again! He had a very short pause, as he probably didn't expect that, and replied by saying: It's good to see you too! He then asked me how it was going. I told him that I was waiting to be released. He asked me if I had considered other opportunities within CAF, to name becoming an NCM. I was going to say: Are you freaking nuts!? Of course I didn't! If I'm not good to become an Officer, which is not much different from becoming an NCM in terms of the course, how would I be successful in becoming an NCM where the living conditions is harsher and the number of assholes in the platoon is much higher!? I simply told him that it had not been recommended by the members of PRB. He told me I could request that and I, in order to end the stupid conversation, with the one who repeatedly had told me to f... off(!), thanked him and he left! 
Nobody ever told me that I was not good and I should leave the school. He was the only one who said that several times and on different occasions. Now he wants me to become an NCM and says the pension is the same! He also yelled at me in the office, in presence of all the other instructors of the platoon and another platoon that I was there for pay-stub and the money comes from the tax he and other instructors pay! I didn't tell this sick idiot that I used to receive the same amount from the Government as my EI benefit and just by sitting at home! And I didn't say that I paid my taxes every year since I came to Canada as an immigrant and all these years that he had been paid, it was because of me and other hard-working people who paid their taxes that he could be paid! What would be the point of talking to an asshole like that. I hope he or one of the people who were in the room reads this.
Everything I indicated here is truth and nothing else, in case someone wants to use it against me. once when we were in Farnham one of the insane girls kicked me in the leg and I was limping for a while after that. When a staff asked me about the way I walked I told him and then the Platoon Commander had a little talk to everyone about that and asking people not to touch others unnecessarily. This aggressive psycho stepped forward right after that and said: If you are such a person who don't like to be kicked, get the f... out of here! And the Platoon Commander was just silent! meaning powerless. I'm sure if it had been me kicking a girl, I would have been in a prison cell awaiting my trail now!
This ignorant freak, when we were in Farnham as part of the training, referred to a scene from this stupid movie Starship Troopers where women and men are seen naked in the locker room! What he was trying to say was that we, the recruits who had been arranged to stay in three big rooms, males and females together, should be OK with that fact. There was actually no complain about it. I don't know what type of massage he was trying to convey but that was wired!
I easily can forget this maniac and I have already moved on but I'm sure he will have his issues with him to the day he dies and he suffers from them. I just feel bad for the other ones who might get the same treatment from him!
(Photo: A scene from the 90's cheap, stupid ridicules science-friction movie Starship Troopers. This was referred to by Sergeant P just to show what kind of ignorant fuck he is!)

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