Sunday, October 01, 2017

Hard to Do Policing in Canada

I've applied for 4 police forces, yes four(!) throughout the country and have failed all of them at different stages! Here there are:

Province of British Columbia:
Two municipalities (of course I'm not going to name them to protect my identity)
- I failed Memory Test for and they rejected me.
- They indicated that they were not hiring at that moment! 

Another one which I'm not even going to name the jurisdiction: 

- I had a credit problem at the time and that resulted in my application to be rejected despite the fact that I had passed their main written test.

A Prairie province(!):

- I failed the written test(s) once and then passed the second time. I was interviewed before even being evaluated physically, which still sounds strange to me. I failed the interview and never pursued that career since. 

Now with that in mind, I guess I'm somehow lucky that I haven't been selected by any of the above to do policing business because all you read or hear in the news these days is officers being suspended, put on leave or administrative duties after they do something, during their daily work, which sounds a little too much especially if it involves firearms. 
Two police officers from CPS were just put on leave last week after one of them had to shoot a crazy man who had started fire in a 7-Eleven store and had threatened people with a knife! The officers used every other alternatives including talking and Taser. 
If the police is not supposed to use a firearm then why the hell you give it to them in the first place?! The firearm is for the members to use when they are in danger or a member of the public is, or a partner of them is, as well. The officers are trained and trusted to use them and I'm sure no officer would use that unless he or she is absolutely have to. So what the hell is the big deal that the media and some authorities make every time an officer discharges his or in rare cases her firearm?! 
Indian police is getting ready to serve the public with their long sticks! Even The Chef should me a story about them that I should probably post it here. That would be interesting to read! Perhaps the ones who criticize officers should will be happy if the police's firearm is replaced with Bamboo sticks! 

Just give CPS officers a long stick, like Indian Police and ask them to use that when a situation escalates! I'm sure the crime will go down! In the society that the crime is going up, and that's due to high unemployment rate and uncontrolled entrance of refugees, the police should be equipped and ready more than any time. Not crippled and paralyzed, like it almost is at the moment. CPS is in need of at least 50 more officer, the chief has just said and these idiots criticize officers who put their life in danger to protect the public and bring peace to the neighbourhoods of the City! 
Policing in Canada, I must say, is even different from the US. Forget about Third World countries! I had two encounters, in my entire life before immigration with police:

1- A VCR, and possibly a few other items once was stolen from my aunt's house (the crazy Aunt from my Dad's side! This just reminds me of who she was if I read this post years from now and can't remember her!). I don't know how I ended up being there to see what has happened! Was I with Dad or someone else? I can't recall! It must have been Dad. We went to the Aunt's house as they were on vacation, I guess, to see what had happened. The police was there and we were asked to go to the station to provide them with an statement on the actual owner's behalf. This part I remember clearly that as soon as we sat in the backseat, the driver turned so fast and erratically that I thought, for a second, that we would either hit something or turn on our side! He didn't have to do that because we were not pursuing any suspect or were in rush for any other reason. It's just the way police drives there! if they do that here, it will be all over the news and probably more than 50 clips would be downloaded to YouTube! We later on found out that it was the boyfriend of my aunt's adopted daughter who had stolen the VCR, on those days that having a VCR was something like having a Mercedes now! Not everyone can afford one! The guy was never arrested and of course the adopted girl moved on!

2- Our below neighbour's house was broken into. The police questioned everyone in the building, especially me, as I was the only young male there. They took me to the station and questions stated raining upon me! I remember that I was standing and there was a guy in front of me and another one at the side, sitting on a chair. While I was answering the guy in front, I felt something was stoke my butt! I turned back and that was the asshole who was sitting on the chair! These guys were obviously  both detectives because they were in plain cloths but I don't think their method was very advanced! I don't remember much about the rest of the session but I remember only that they released me because they knew it was a silly questioning from the beginning. They had no evidence. I guess if the police does the same here to a young boy during questioning or interrogation (or whatever fancy name should be given to it) it will be considered assault and the officer would be charged! 

I'm not saying the police should be more rough. They should only serious enough based on the law and the public should let them to do their job. They are all trained and swore an oath. And everyone makes a mistake, including the police. Just don't exaggerate. 
(Photo, top: A 7-Eleven store in Calgary, near Mount Royal University which was set on fire from inside by a maniac! The fire crew and the police car are seen)

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