Saturday, October 21, 2017

Nightmares of a Voluntary Job

I was away from the voluntary job that I believe I'm good at for nearly 6 months. When I came back and checked the website (which I have to use to submit my work), I realized that a large portion of my work has been sent back for rework! 
This is not the first time that I see the reviewers of my work, send parts of my submission back and want me to rework and resend it. However at times I see stupid comments and silly and disgusting reactions to my work that pisses me off. 
An example of that would be a work that I corrected it based on their stupid comments once and now I see it back again. Some of them seem so fucking mean and disrespectful in their disgusting messages that I have to be careful not to say something back because I certainly don't want to lose this job for the sake of my resume. There's a disgusting fucking East Indian amongst them, who I'm not sure weather is the same person that I met in the last year's dinner. He has mostly stupid and meaningless comments. In fact I'm even ready to take courses to help me perform better on this job that I like it very much. 
The problem, that I realized probably a long time ago, is that we people have a very little capacity when we're criticized or questioned! In fact we have no tolerance in that area. ±0 is what we consider when we're in any relationship: Work, business, life, fun, you name it. There's absolutely room for that. So when someone says something against my work, that I believe I've spent a lot of time on it to have it completed, it's very difficult for me to accept it. However I'm working on this bad feature of mine and have been trying to improve myself. It's very hard mentally. Many people use alcohol here but I can't do it. I neither have money, nor the guts for that. Not to mention the place to drink and habit of that! My problem is I haven't done any exercise (jogging, weight-lifting, cycling, hiking, etc.) of any kind. That always helped me to relax. I need to do one of the above as long as it doesn't interact with any job that I have or going to get. The stupid, disgusting job that I had for 7 weeks, completely threw me away. 
(Photo: I hope this person doesn't mind that I'm using his picture for this post but at times I really feel like this and once even considered e-mailing the manager, telling him to consider me out of this work!)

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