Monday, November 13, 2017

An Scary Experience with Freezing Rain

This stupid weather of Calgary is what I hate the most about this city. If it's winter, it should be cold. If it's summer it should be warm. The temperature was changing between -16 ℃ and -12 ℃ last week and now is 2℃! It probably is a Chinook Affect but I don't care. I just don't like it!
Nevertheless I was on my way home last week and I was getting close to Deadfoot Tr. (the official name is Deerfoot Tr. which is named after a Native person who legend says he was a very good runner, such as a Deer!) and a Freezing Rain started. The problem with that type of precipitation is that sticks to the window and hardly can be whipped! I was not able to clearly see through the damn windshield while I was about 200 m. away a turn to Deadfoot Tr. I put the heater to maximum and of course directed that towards the windshield. I then turned the whipper on and turned it on fast! It was still difficult to see through and the problem was there was absolutely no way to pull over and warm up the engine, which I should have probably done before leaving work, so I could get warm air blowing out. 
I had to duck(!) too see from below and I was lucky that I didn't get myself into an accident or something as they are many crazy drivers out there. I guess eventually after 10 minutes or so I was able to get the majority of windshield clean and see easily but that was a bad experience which should be avoided ever again. 
(Photo: An accident on Deadfoot Tr. which resulted in demise of the driver, unfortunately. Despite the fact that who's responsible, I believe many drivers here in Alberta and perhaps generally in the country drive carelessly and avoid all of the posted signs, mostly the speed limit)

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