Saturday, November 18, 2017

Canada: Don't Hurt Poor Criminals of ISIS!!

I have stated this several times and I'm saying this here again but unfortunately no one cares: You cannot run a country with laws of 30 and 40 years ago. Canada needs to review a number of laws and brings harsher punishments for crime including bringing Capital Punishment back. 
It is in the news that now ISIS has been driven out of most of Iraq and the defeated insurgents (the term the media likes to use here in North America in addition to terrorist) are going back to their counties of origin!! No one is asking if this group is defeated, how its soldiers are going back home?! Shouldn't they be all either killed, injured or taken prisoners?! That is what being conquered mean!
Captured ISIS Terrorists by Iraqi soldiers in Mosul, Iraq. This is how the killer criminals should be treated
When the Germans were defeated in WWII, the Allies and later Israelis pursued the so-called defeated and run away Germans for decades, found almost all of them, put them in prison or hung them! Here in Canada we accept the terrorist-minded people in the first place (Omar Khader is a good example. He fought against Americans and Canadians in Afghanistan and then was rewarded millions for his patriot acts by the disgusting government of Trudeau!!) and the ones who radicalized later and go to war zones to kill innocent people are accepted with sympathy and love in the country and the Public Safety Minister claims that they would be rehabilitated!! Where were you when they were giving brains to everyone?! Apparently you either were given a rotten one or weren't given at all!
(Photo, top: Many believe and I do too, that Nuremberg trails were not fair because it was not handled by a neutral panel. However many crimes that the Nazis committed were punished reasonably and many were left undetected or unpunished)

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