Thursday, January 18, 2018

3 Months Now

It became 3 months that I have been working for this company yesterday. I've been working hard like a horse and when I usually get home I'm dead tired but I'm lucky that they haven't kicked me out yet! They could have, easily! This is the first stable job that I've kept since I was kicked out from the last good one more than 2 years ago! Waiting to join CAF made me just to do nothing because I was hoping to end my career years there but things didn't work and I ended up leaving last Aug. (for some detail search for stories of CFLRS). I've had and I intend to work hard and keep this job until I get something better or I'll be screwed more than I have been! There's lot to say about this new job but I'm going to save it for later. That's all I'd like to say now. The only thing to add is since I got this job from a recruiting agency, I don't know when I'd become an employee of the company although I think I heard once that it'd 4 months. And one more thing(!): I believe it easily falls under the definition of paycheque-to-pay cheque job(!) and I may explain later how I'm surviving.
(Photo: This was randomly found and selected from the web and shows the difference between the layers of a Capitalist society with this difference that the middle one is about to vanish!)

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