Thursday, January 04, 2018

Unfulfilled Plans for the Recognition Award!

This is not a big deal but I was recognized again for my efforts as a volunteer last Nov. and I received the usual gift, which is in cash. I had plans for putting this money away for a few months and then buy something I really like so every time I look at it or I use it, I would remind me of the hard work for months and it would encourage me to work harder.
However having lots of expenses and earning just so little caused me to spent all that money on daily expenses, to be exact gasoline and grocery! In addition to that I have registered for an online course which cost me nearly $2500. The cash gift was a true help. Now the question is how do I balance between work, the online course and the volunteer work? I need them all! Not many hours left during the day particularly that I will have to finish the course by the first week of March.

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