Saturday, January 27, 2018

Logan's Run

Logan's Run is a 70's Sci-Fi. It is based on a novel of the same name. I bought it a few weeks ago in a pawn shop for only $0.99(!) and I don't regret it. It's a good movie for that time. There are many movies made every day around the world which they don't reach this in terms of creation and innovation. 
But why did I by that? First of all it was very cheap! Secondly it's a science-fiction and I always have been a big fan of this genre, both in books and movies. Actually The Little Mouse got me into it and now he's disappeared. I should probably have a post about him because he always has been a good friend. And the last but not least is the pictures I saw on the DVD case: tall, blond, sexy girls! Who wouldn't want to see a movie with the cast like that for only $0.99?
It's not a movie that you can get easily anywhere. If someone is interested, he or she should order it from popular websites. The movie is about the survivors of the world in 23rd century who live in a dome-protected city and live only up to 30 years but don't have to do a damn thing. Their life just comprises of having fun and pleasure. However there is always people who cannot be happy with the current situation and they try to escape the confined city. Those people are called Runners and the people who are assigned to stop them from getting away (which should be figured out why?) are called Sandman. One of the Sandmen is assigned to a mission to pretend to be a Runner in order to  find out about where every Runner intends to go, a place which they call it Sanctuary. The guy, named Logan 5 in the story, teams up with a pretty girl, Jessica 6, who was sent to have sex with him once and refused and they leave the city. Despite the original plan, which was to pretend to be a Runner, Logan 5, in fact, becomes a Runner and reaches an old man. Their story throughout the city and outside is quite lame, particularly when they succeed to defeat all of the previous Runners and then Sandmen who are after them. They eventually go back to the city, with the old man and free all of the citizens from the computers. I would give the movie 3 out of 5 stars and recommend watching it at least once or twice.
(Photo: British actress Jenny Agutter, now 65, who has the main role besides fella countryman, Michael York in the movie, here is seen in traditional 23rd century dress(!), which by the way is fabulous and she looked gorgeous in the picture and throughout the entire movie)

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