Sunday, January 07, 2018

Saving Money in 2018

I met with The Mumbling Guy for the first time in probably more than 10 months or so. He still is with the same freaking company and he will probably be until he retires. He has bought his second house and now after he has renovated it, he intends to sell it. He's doing well because basically an East Indian with a good salary normally does well. They barely eat out, their food is cheap, they know all of the bargains in and around the city(!), they buy their cloths every time they go to India. They purchase most of their items from a dollar store and many other concepts that I or any average Joe never pay attention to. 
However I have decided to cut on cost so I can save a little bit here and their and focus on more important expenses such as buying a property. 
Ever since I started this new job (which I hope it lasts as long as I have something better) in last Nov., I refrained from going home right after work because I certainly doesn't want to get stuck in the traffic and burn gasoline and run my engine for no reason. I normally go to a local coffee shop and work on my volunteer job or recently the course that I have taken, until the traffic dies down. This cost me nearly $1.7 a day at least, if I only get a coffee because I really don't want to be a freeloader, using their facility and paying nothing. that roughly makes up to $34 a month which is now the cost of nearly 30 Liters of gasoline! I could spent the same amount on fuel but that would just turn to all sorts of harmful gases (probably) and goes to atmosphere, plus it adds to the cost of annual maintenance of the vehicle. In addition to that I used to go for a meal and a beverage with The Chef almost every weekend for the past 4 months or so. That cost at least $13 a week. I started cutting on that last week and this weekend I kept it the same manner. So I'm hoping savings such as the above help me to survive easier until I find a better job. 
(Photo: This might sound a little money and cheap but believe me it works. I have so much expenses that these can only be a little help!)

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