Sunday, March 18, 2018

Back to Fitbit with Zip

My Fitbit tracking device, Flex, malfunctioned 17 months ago and my efforts to replace that did not get me a new one since the company did not accept the responsibility for the failure. I then saw the same product in the only store of CFLRS when I was there last year. The product was on sale but considering that the province of Quebec has a high PST I decided to purchase that when I was back to Alberta. Unlike what I had thought, no major retailer carried the device anymore. Similar to many other products, when a newer model emerges, the older ones become unavailable. I them checked the website and realized that product is eliminated from the company's list. On the other hand a less advanced model and the least expensive at the same time, Zip, was available! So I ordered that and here it is. 
It took me a few minutes to replace that with the other model in my profile, with the help of the Fitbit chat guy and it was and still fine. Zip looks as good as Flex and of course not as advance of the newer model which I would never spend money on. However there's something that makes it different from Flex and that is its dependency on battery. It uses a giant lentil-like(!)(really!) batter and the good thing is it was included. A Maxell brand made in Japan. A product that you rarely see these days as everything is made in China! It's a positive and at the same time negative feature of the device. The other good thing about Zip is it has a strong clip, unlike what I had though before I purchased that. It's barely possible that the device comes up during activities even running, jumping, etc. although I only have tried that for walking so far! 
(Photo: One of the very first models of activity tracking devices made by Fitbit, called zip, is shown here)

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