Sunday, March 04, 2018

Left from a Kananaskis Walk

It has been cold in the past week and snowed a lot. It has snowed so much that I had problem driving around. Last night I had to drive around for nearly 7 min. to find a safe spot to park. A corner which I can get out easily without being stock and the chance of being hit by sliding cars in slim!
I wanted to get out of the damn city and do a hike or at least photography but the financial situation does not allow me to spend my hard-earned money on luxury such as that! I'm being very careful now and I only pay for basics: Food and gasoline. That's about it. I wanted to by a jacket back in December and I haven't purchased that because I thought that $200 and something, when the hard time comes, is more than 2 weeks groceries and food. 
This is the shit I'm in and I know most of the people don't care about that but that's not how I live. I have 3 credit cards and a Line of Credit with $0 debt! Two of my credit cards have given me $18,500 and $11,800 credit but I don't use them the way people use them here in North America
With all that in mind, I just wanted to say it was lots of fun when I could easily go wherever I wanted to and this picture on the top is from an easy hike back in 2015. This looks like a Cougar to me but my mistake at the time was not reporting that to Alberta Parks officials. This was taken in Kananaskis area while we were on Highway #66. I don't think its a Lynx unless it's short tail is taken into consideration. It could also be a Fox, again, not considering its tail. Coyote? I highly doubt that. Any ideas?
(Photo: A snowy April day in Kananaskis and an easy hike. I took the photo from the this animal and is coming back to me after more than 2.5 years. Who knows what it is? Look at the center of the picture, please)

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