Thursday, March 01, 2018

Recognition Award for the Last month of 2017!

I again received a gift for my contributions as a volunteer to the organization which starting working for them almost 2 years ago. This time, however, the way it was sent was different and why? Because most of the businesses have turned to paper-free communication. But am I posting this today when 2 months have passed from the new year? It's because that I missed the opportunity to submit any work for Jan., due to the amount of work and taking a course and then cancelled the damn course later (which will be the subject of another post) and wanted to compensate in Feb. but when I was going to submit my work, I realized that the deadline has arrived and someone else has jumped over me! 
It was quite disappointing but I'll see what I can do for Mar. although things might change in this month (for the same reason that I will have a post for it later next week). 

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