Tuesday, May 15, 2018

An Invitation

When your ass is kicked over and over for the past 2 years and every door you're going to get through shuts on you, even the slightest pleasing means a lot to you! Of course by " YOU " I mean myself in the sentence! Sometimes it's even an smile from a salesperson or an e-mail from a friend.
This time it's an invitation to join a 2-day summit in the city for the V-Work I have started more than 2 years ago. Since I'm in the process of getting a position which for that I will soon need to leave the province and be away for the time this summit is held, I'm not sure if I could attend but the good thing is both the prospective employer and the organisation which has invited me, would cover my travel expenses. The latter though, I'm not sure whether would cover the air fair of that much since I would be flying from somewhere in the east. It's not good to daydream but I was hoping to save that ticket to go somewhere in the US, perhaps going to visit The Little Pika(!) particularly because it would be cold around that time in Canada and a trip to that part of the US would be pleasing and relaxing! It might not be easy to convince them to pay for the ticket but if I get the training and go, I will request that. I'm glad that I have kept the V-Work because despite my failure(!) in the past two months, I have something positive to do with my time.
(Photo: We all are so much used to e-mail and instant messaging and similar electronic services that we cannot imagine how the world looked like nearly 30 years ago when for instance invitations use to go by mail)

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