Saturday, May 26, 2018

Another Crucial Gate

I received another e-mail from my potential employer, this one in regards to a series of medical examinations a little while ago. It was a little bit scary because they check everything. I think it feels scary to me because I have been screwed over and over in the past 2 years or so and have lost a tremendous amount of confidence and although I've passed the first important stages, I felt shaky when I saw the forms! 
Nevertheless I went to this clinic nearby and requested to see the same physician who examined me for CAF. I was told that he had left the clinic and now he runs his own clinic somewhere in deep south part of the city. The receptionist added that she didn't think the other physicians would see me because they had no history of me and they wouldn't be able to evaluate my health. I said nothing and left. Then I went to the same clinic the day after that! There was another receptionist and I easily was able to convince her to make me part of the list for that day's patients! It's always the way. When someone comes to you with stupid excuses or reasons just ignore him or her and either go to another service provider or go to him/her at another time!
So here I was in the clinic and a female physician, probably British, based on her accent, came in. She went through the forms and wrote me a number of tests based on them. There was one thing that she was not able to figure out and I told her that I would check with the related Health Canada office. She was a nice lady and she told me that I would need to get my vision tested as well as weight and height. 
I was then able to do the tests by sneaking out of work (which is a separate but not pleasant post) but when I contacted the regional employer's office (which could be the regional Health Canada office) I was told that there was no need for the tests! Damn it! They took blood from me and do you have any freaking idea how painful that is when they insert a needle to your arm!? And I also had to be exposed to damn X-Ray! But I was wrong! They don't need the test results. The physician would have to fill the form out based on what he or she observes and concludes! Anyways Those tests could be used just by me to see how my health is now that I have cut back to many disgusting and unhealthy food and perhaps I can have a post in that regard!
Then I scheduled to meet an Audiologist. This was the part that I was concerned about. I'm not saying that my hearing is impaired but working this damn, stupid labour job in a noisy place and other things that I have been exposed to in the recent days, scares me. Happily I came out a winner out of that but that was not it. When the doctor reviewed my blood test she said that my blood sugar was high! That was because I had not fasted and I said I had done it when I got to the damn lab because I didn't know it would have affected the damn result that much. I have not been eating sugar directly in my food for the past 10 years probably but there's sugar in every food you buy as prepared and that should be the subject of another post. I stopped eating almost everything made out of White Flour (which immediately turns into sugar in the body and has been denied to Diabetic people), I don't eat Chocolate that much any more. So I don't know how the hell that happened!
The physician wrote me another lab request and I hated that because if anyone had told me that I should have fasted before the damn test, I would have and I didn't have to subject myself to the damn niddle twice. The second test, surprisingly was much easier. I contacted Calgary Laboratory Services and asked if there was any lab open on weekends. The lady named me three but added that I would probably have to wait for over an hour because I have not booked for it. The weekend morning I got myself to one of the locations and presented my paper. They called me within only 5 minutes(!) and since it was just Glucose that they had to test this time, it was much less painful.
I went back to the doctor and she showed me that everything was fine. I posted the completed forms and now all I have to do is to wait for their response. I assume the next step would be security or reference check. A. F. told me once that there would be an interview regarding security but there's no mention of it in the employer's website. If not then the next step would either be reference check or the online course. I'm a bit worried about the reference check but online course would not be such a challenge.
(Photo: The lady physician seemed OK but excited and uncomfortable at times which could be due to the age. She was not very old but old enough to work only once a week, if I heard that correctly)

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