Tuesday, May 29, 2018

To Work on Bike for 3 Days

Something happened earlier this past week that eventually made me to go to work riding my bicycle. I went to a carwash to clean my car a little on Sun. where I saw a sort of screw in my front left tire. In cases like that it's said it's better to leave the screw in because if you took it out, you'd lose the pressure. Wrong! You have to immediately but gently take it out, go to a repair shop and have the tire fixed. That's what I didn't do and went to work on Tue. The next morning when I came down to get to the car, I saw the flat tire! Thankfully it was not too late. So I went back in, grabbed the bike and went to work and arrived on time.
Despite the fact that it is not a good photo, I still hope it shows the beauty of spring alongside Calgary pathway
It's almost 14 Km one way and the majority is designated bicycle pathway, safe and fun to ride except the spots that it gets uphill or one spot that I have to cross the railway. Of course if you're not at the crossroad when the train is approaching, you'd be fine. Otherwise you have to wait as long at 6 minutes and 6 minutes is crucial in cycling. In addition to this route that I would took,  there's another one which goes from the city in between two pathways and is kind of a shortcut because saves you 2 Km each way. Perhaps I should try that to see how the streets are but as soon as I fix the car I will reduce the days to 2 or maximum 3 only because it's very tiring. Nevertheless I saved 22.5 Km x 3 ~ 67 Km worth of gasoline this week as well as the mileage of course.
The pathway is nice and beautiful and goes by two rivers, the Zoo and wildflowers and singing birds but you always have this anxiety that you might not be able to get there on time or you get a flat tire. If your tire gets punctured, you're done! You have to walk all the way either to work or home depending on your distance from them but there're quite a number of people who ride their bikes to and from work every day and although I only did that for three days, I saw people in the third day that I remembered seeing them in the first day but most of them have easy office jobs, I assume.
(Photo: Part of the designated bicycle pathway in Calgary)

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