Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Income Tax 2017

The deadline for filing the 2017 Income Tax was yesterday and I did mine nearly 10 days earlier. I tried to decrease my taxes as neither 2017 nore 2016 were good years for me. 2016 was , without a doubt worse with being unemployed the entire freaking year! Then 2017 was a notch better! I went to Quebec and failed there and came back to Alberta and after a try I was given a job which I still work it. It, most of the time, is a mental tourment but I don'yt have choices. 
Nevertheless this year I looked at the questions and read them carefully and a few of them sounded interesting to me that I would like to bring them to the attention of potential readers here:

1) Did you spend time in a prison or similar facility?

I was going to respond to this question with a big YES and mentioning CFLRS! I don't know what the response would have been or if I would have been eligible for any refund! 

2) Former Spouses information.

The former spouse was sick of me and although she wasn't able to make her mind, eventually left me. She then regreted after finding out that I was heading to CFLRS and said that he would have to go back to the old country since British Columbia (the province that that she had moved to) was very expensive and obviouly she wouldn't be able to live comfortably there by herself. I would probably have to have a post about that but it's, I guess, wouldn't be a plasant story to narrate. 

3) Membership with a registered Canadian amateur organisations.

Another funny part of income tax! You have to pay some $600 annually to be part of an amateur organisation and most likely hang out with a bunch of wimps who doen't even like you because you're a forigner although most of them can barely reach you! In that case, and I only assume the Government pays you something back, probably becuase they want to encourage people to be active, I think! Or some other reason that I have no idea about.

4) The damn courses.

I paid nearly $2400 for a damn course in late 2017 and I haven't finished it yet! I asked the organization to tempororily hold it. I wanted to see what the fate of my job application becomes and then when I have time, I will focus on the damn course and will finish it, will get my certificate which I have planned (without the detail yet) to use it as a second job of mine once I'm hired for that full-time position. I'm trying to find out whether I would be able to get refun for that course as well. According to The Brave I would be iligible for a refund but when I entered it to my H&R Block profile the deduction was only $500! I

5) Contribution to RRSP.

That's where my major screw-up is! If there's a good amoungt of money contributed to RRSP account, there's a good eligibility for refund. I used to do that when The Lady was wtching me but now that she's gone my life is nothing but a pile of stinking shit! 

At the end I was able to eliminate what I would have owed the Government and claim some refund! The system indicated that there is a little chance that I would be audited. Fine! CRA can audit me anytime they want and I'd more than happy to cooporate. What is that they can find in a guy's file who was kicked out of a job he was good at, was unemployed for more than a freaking year and eventually got a job which is nothing but daily torment and he's not even making half, not even half, of whay he used to make!
(Photo: According to Canada Revenue Agency, headquartered in Ottawa, Billions of dollars are lost every year due tax evasion! And that is not because of the totally screwed-up peopel such as me who after years of living in this country, they still are struggling. That's because of smart asses who know how to defraud the Government)

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