Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Month's End Race

I spent a lot of time on V-Work (volunteer work) on Jul.01 long weekend. I basically were not able to do anything else. What could I have done?! Besides I wanted to do as much as I was able to so I win the monthly recognition award. 
Failed! How? A tiny mistake! Apparently, and I learnt that later, I'm supposed to submit my work to the manager by the end of the month's last day and I worked up to the evening of Jul.02! Therefore most of the work that I did, was not considered for June, which was the month I was working hard to get the reward. Now that the one third of month has passed, I haven't even started! 
Being exhausted after daily shitty work, lack of motivation (rather than the pity reward!), being so freaking board are the main reasons that I'm not that determined as I was. I've written about this so there's no point to bring it up again! 
What I wanted to add, as a new thing here, is that while I was working I realized that I was in direct race with at least one person. We get a number for the items we work on and of course the number increases when you submit the next piece of work. When I get a number that is only one digit different from the previous work I submitted it means that no one is in the race. When I get a number which is bigger than the previous one, at least by a value of one, it means that someone has just submitted a work between the two ones that I have. This game was in progress for the entire time that I was working, meaning that there were other losers(!) who had better to do rather than working on V-Work!
(Photo: A pile of mixed numbers reminds me of my race with the other contestants[!] in a race that I unfairly lost it!)

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