Monday, July 02, 2018

Cultural Discripancies (5): Canadians and Coupons

One of the concepts of shopping here in Canada is coupons that different services provide and distribute to boots their businesses and attract more customers. Coupons and flyers I should say which at times they come together. They could be for anything: From household items to vehicle parts and sporting goods. However the ones which appear in shape of coupon are mostly for food industry or to be specific, for fast food restaurants. 
However the funny thing is when I go to the mail room, which I barely go, to see what's available, I see a big pile of coupons and flyers in the recycle bin! It's funny because Canadians mostly eat out and many at least once in the fast food joints! So when I see A&W, McDonald's or Pizza Hut coupons there, I can't stop smiling! Do they want to show that they have enough money and they don't need coupons? Or as my Newfoundlander buddy once told me: If you're making your own sandwich it means you're really broke! If a medium Pizza in Pizza Hut is with coupon is $9.99, why the hell should I pay more, even if I eat that only once a week or once in two weeks?
I think they feel cheap to use the coupons while there was on CBC once that there were a bunch of losers(!) in a city that would sit somewhere in a library or somewhere and search all the newspapers and available flyer, cut them off and then go for shopping! Which one to believe?
(Photo: A Pizza Hut coupon booklet. That's the only time I buy Pizza from them. I decided to check Boston Pizza's take out recently but haven't done that. I haven't been to Boston Pizza for a long time. The last time possibly was when I and The Lady went to a location in Vancouver and sat in their patio. It was nice but those days are long gone. I'm alone now and have to eat take out Pizza like a loser!)

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