Wednesday, July 04, 2018

What's Worse than Cocaine?

When I had my application with CAF in process back in 2016, one of the steps that I had to take, was filling out a form in regards to consumption, purchasing or selling of illegal substances. This is something which is considered OK in West and people even are honored and proud that they have used, sold or purchased those kind of stuff. I, however come from a society, which at least when I was growing up, that would have been considered unacceptable.
On that in the CAF office, I sat at the desk with a few others and it was a long list. I didn't recognise more than perhaps 3 or 4 of them and all I knew, and still I know, is from what I have read or heard on the news. I obviously denied being involved in any type of illegal drugs but I read it later that there's something which is worse than any known drug: Sugar!
Sugar, which these days is seen in any processed food is many times worse than any drug. Why? Because it's cheap and accessible anywhere and most of people are addicted to that without knowing it. The nasty Filipino or the stinking African who comes from where he or she didn't even had shit to swallow, goes to toilets such as McDonald's and Tim Horton's and stuff him/herself and his calf with cheap sugary food such as Doughnut, Cookie, Coca Cola and all sorts of crap which is full of sugar and other sources of illness and a big chunk of provincial budget has to go to provide health services of different kinds to animals like that who consume sugar like an SUV eats up gasoline! 
I give you an example of what just happened to me the other day: A colleague said that he had brought Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble and offered me some. While leaving work and I was not hungry at all, I was completely fine, decided to try a piece on my way out. I cut a small one and tried it. It was good of course. Just less than 5 minutes after that I felt I wanted more! The Sugar kicked in so fast that I could not believe it! I do not know how it works in the body that the more you eat, the more you want. To add I have to say that one day I was looking at the ingredients in a table Salt box and I realized that the bastards even add Sugar to table Salt! Many believe that salt is a major contributor to many health issue. How about Sugar? They even add Sugar to Salsa!!! 
That's why I stay away from most of the ready-to-eat foods and canned and bottled ones! 
(Photo: The so-called Crumble that the gut brought was similar to this. I, of course didn't take any photo as it would have been considered weird!)

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