Friday, October 25, 2019

Flashback (34): The Jail Guard

I once had an opportunity to become a cell guard, if I can call it, for an RCMP detachment in British Columbia, years ago. I don't recall exactly how I was notified of that position but our office, as Bylaw Officers was next to the RCMP. So I must have been let know somehow! The interview, if I remember correctly, was held by a lady and a gentleman both in civilian. We used to go to the detachment for some administrative things every single day and perhaps I have seen the lady in there. She took me in to the cell and show it to me. A small concrete room with a toilet! The lady told me that I needed to watch the detained persons all the time as once, recently, she added, a boy had tried to hang himself with shoelaces!! I don't know how someone could do that but they apparently do! 
I also remember once I asked her why the officers never smile and she said and I quote here, because police associates with death! I do not agree. We also talked about the supervisor and his involvement in the hiring process, possibly as a reference and she said and I quote again, forget about him. They apparently even had called my previous job's reference but I never got the offer and I guess it was probably because the application took long enough to coincide with me being asked to leave and of course the RCMP would not hire someone who has recently been asked to leave his job! I found a job shortly after that and moved on and then an offer from Calgary where I'm ever since! 
This reminds me also of a number of other jail guard positions that I've had so far, namely Correctional Officer position. I guess there were about 4 or 5 and either with Federal or Provincial but the last one was suggested by A. F. and I turned it down and didn't even apply. I know after going through the training for two Federal positions, this would not be something that I could do. I have to do something in civilian world.
(Photo: This jail guard in Aylesbury, England was sentenced to 8 months in prison for sending inappropriate messages and photographs to an inmate back in 2015! There's no doubt that only a loser would do such a thing but what I'm not sure about is the type of mental sickness that a woman like her might suffer from! This story once also was heard in a Canadian prison! Pathetic, sick, losers!)

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