Monday, October 28, 2019

Horse Meat

I was at work today and the supervisor, The Weird Guy called me to his office. It's been nearly two months that I have been at this work and despite the low wage, there hasn't been any major issue except for the time that he said that one of the orders had been picked incorrectly by me. I didn't argue but showed my displeasure of wrong accusation without any evidence and enough investigation but let it go. 
When he called me to the office, the first thing went through my mind was lay offs and simply not having the job any more. However he asked me to wash up and join him for a little meal! I know this is something very strange in Canada but for Canadians only! For us, foreigners, many of us, inviting colleagues and friends for a supper or lunch is normal. For Canadians, you could be working with them, be neighbours or buddies, they want to call it, for years and not going even for a coffee. It's like the asshole that I've told his story already. The food was really good and we talked about life, old countries and in general it was nice 15 minutes with him, whom I plan to befriend. He offered me a small piece of meat that he said it was horse! I had never tried it so I did! It was chewy but a complete different taste from any other meat that I had before. We talked a little bit about where this type of meat is eaten, where it can be purchased in Alberta and stuff like that. He said that when the horse is old and ridden a lot, it's meat then become old and chewy! I was going to say: Like this. But didn't! I knew Hungarian eat a lot of horse and he said that there was plant in southern Alberta that even exports to Asia. Good for them. Anyways I could not say no to him when he called me and I would have never done that, even if I was full! 
(Photo: I've been to beef and chicken processing plants, I mean I've worked in both and I know how the system works. It's interesting here in Canada. This is apparently horse slaughtering system. Different from both, of course)

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