Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Shining

Two months has passed since I've started this shit job but I must stick to it until I find something else. The supervisor, The Weird Guy today, again, invited me for lunch! This time it was Lamb, Turkey and Potato in a sort of stew but with no juice. It was delicious but there was so much freaking fat that hours after eating I still could feel the damn fat in my stomach as it's difficult to digest that thing! It was not a celebration of two months or anything like that though! Just a coincidence.
Here the people I have to work with on daily basis rather than the supervisor are:
1- An old woman who at time could go crazy but I don't have much problem with her. She had given me food from her section several times and every time she needed help I immediately provided that. She complains and nags a lot but that's part of her age, being close to retirement. Today though she had a nice argument with the supervisor and both were upset. Unfortunately I was too far away to be able to hear them. I just saw the woman bolted off angrily!
2- A fat woman who says that she used to be 500 Lbs. and now she's probably 200 Lbs. or more, I'm guessing! The thing is if you're that fat and your belly is hanging in front of you why the hell do you have to eat Potato Chips, Chocolate Bar, Coke and all other stuff which has nothing but Sugar and damn carbohydrate?! She's been nice to me though and always helpful. My help to her could be giving eating advises which she would not follow. So what's the freaking point?!
3- A retard! He really is a retard and the best thing you could do facing him is just to avoid him although at time he would approach you and tells you some stupid story out of blue! 
4- And last but not least The Shining Guy! This is a young Caucasian fella in his early to mid. 20's who works like a horse. He always is the first one in the facility and he always is busy with something though at times he sneaks to some food and snacks himself. I guess I would have had a very hard time, if he had not worked there with me because he does lots of physical work and rapidly.
Why do I call him The Shining Guy is because he barely talks to me or anyone for that matter and since we started there we communicate, most of the time, through The Shining! This is clear for the fellas who have seen The Shining by Stanley Kubrick based on Stephen King's of a novel of the same name. We maneuver around and work things out without even opening our mouths!
" ... without opening our mouths "  is what Dick Hollarann (played by Scatman Crothers) told Danny (played by Danny Lloyd) in a conversation when he offered Danny some Ice Cream. Basically what he was saying is that there are people who are able to communicate without speaking to each other. He also says that these people also have the ability of seeing things which have happened in the past or will happen in future. I won't tell the whole story to spoil it for the ones who hasn't seen it. Get the 1980 masterpiece of Kubrick and enjoy it. It is one of the best movies that I've ever seen. Its sequel has just been released, named Dr. Sleep. I'm planning to catch it as the first movie of 2019
(Photo: the scene in the kitchen. Dick Hollarann and Danny Torrance, characters of the movie, of course are engaged in a conversation about The Shining)

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