Wednesday, October 02, 2019

More Scavengers!

It's just a little over a month that I've been working in this little place but I've seen so many things that it worth writing know, not to forget that it was just mentioned that the company would merge with another one by early 2020. I have no intention to stay on this job for a long time but I need it until I find something better. One thing I realized in this few weeks that I've been with this company is the number of scavengers who live off this tiny entity!
As I mentioned in an earlier post it's a food company. Food is purchased and then distributed. A considerable amount of food is perished occasionally and that's when scavengers arrive! I have a few nice and at the same time surprising, at least to me, examples here:
1- There's this young asshole redneck who thinks he's such a hotshot! Making faces and giving orders to everyone around him! At the end of the shift his backpack gets full of all the expired food! I asked him once what he does with them. He said that he would give them to his roommates! I think he was telling the truth!
2- One day I found a warped food in a delivery truck door(!) and put it on the supervisor's desk. Later on I saw him eating it!
3- Once there was a big batch of returned food and they were all easy-to-eat food such as sandwiches or small salad. Everyone from the office to the delivery drives attacked the batch!. The food which could fill a big classroom, for example, was entirely gone by the end of the day!
4- Another day a similar batch arrived. This time the supervisor barely gave a chance to anyone else! He took 90% of the item! He loaded them to his truck at the end of the shift and gone!
The book that I have referred to
5- There's another strange guy who claims to be from one of the former USSR states. I don't exactly remember which one because it's one of the two which have quiet similar names! He is the biggest scavenger there is! He shows u in the morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Then he changes to work cloths and grabs an expired(!) snack and have his breakfast! He takes a number of smoking breaks during the shift and at noon grabs another expired snack and that's his lunch! He claims that he's been waiting for his bundle(!) to leave Canada for good and go to UAE. He claims he would be working as a realtor and would never come back to Canada! He says that coming to Canada was his biggest mistake and he claims he has come from England after finishing a degree. I can see people going down but to the level that their breakfast is coffee and cigarette and they lunch is expired pack snacks! George Orwell one of the greatest writers of all time, in my opinion, once brought himself down to the lowest level of society and wrote Down and Out in Paris and London based on his experiences in the two main European city when worked as dishwasher and did similar jobs. This guy is in no way comparable to Orwell and the only thing has kept is his politeness, at times. One other thing that Orwell has mentioned in his book and I thought I should rephrase here is that he says that the cook and other restaurant staff such as waiters and waitresses, chefs, dishwasher and others, if any are given free food by the restaurant owner because if they were not, then they would steal twice as much! Same story here. The staff and delivery drivers are allowed certain amount of food because if they are told they can't take what they want, the same thing that Orwell has said in his book will happen! 
(Photo, top: Scavengers sharing food! To me when the assholes run to the food in the company, and there's one disgusting Filipino ugly short girl, they even look uglier than these birds!) 

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