Saturday, October 19, 2019

How Pathetic is Canada?

If this above question ever came to your mind, I had the answer for you: Canada is the most pathetic country in the whole world! There's no doubt about that. There're so many issues with this country that I can write a book about it but if you asked me why I'm here despite these problems I would say I didn't know when I came first and it was not this bad. Can I still go back to the old country? Perhaps I could but not with this new sanction. I've thought about that, to be honest but couldn't make the decision. Besides the problems in the old country now has grown so big since I left that it might be very hard to fix them. Problems in Canada? Not that hard to fix as long as people just stop:
1- Boozing up themselves excessively!
2- Doing too much drugs (and that includes Marijuana!)
3- Being so obsessed with their dogs and cats!
4- Eating too much crap
5- Being selfish asses
... and finally:
Get their heads out of their asses! 
One of the recent troubles was with this Chinese woman, the CFO of a crap company whom the US ask Canada to arrest and they did. Why I say crap company because apparently the company that she works for is a cellphone company and there's no phony company like a cellphone company! Why the hell would you need a new cellphone every freaking year??!! Don't matter if that's the phone from that asshole's company, S. Jobs or a shit Chinese company with a woman as its CFO. You don't need a freaking cellphone every freaking year, asshole! 
Anyways they arrested the woman in Vancouver and was going to hand her to the American authorities and I guess she is on trail now. The Chinese immediately started their retaliatory actions after her arrest! First they put a ban on importation of a number of major Canadian products including Canola! Then arrested a number of Canadians and they are still kept there and the Government of Canada cant's do a damn thing! Who knows what the Chinese is capable of doing next?
Then there was the issue with the murderers of Saudi Arabia or this one happened first! A Canadian politician criticized the brutal murderers regime of Saudi Arabia and the reaction from them was quick: They called all of the medical student back to the country! Can you imagine what economical impact that could have had on Canada?! Rich Saudi students who probably spend thousands in this country every month left and once again the Government of Canada couldn't do a damn thing! 
Stories of such can be narrated for hours but I'm going end it here now.
(Photo: A daily advertisement in Calgary Sun about the two Canadians in Chinese custody. Funny that all the diplomatic actions haven't work and the guys are still there and some reporter thinks that by calling the Chinese embassy those two could be freed!)

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