Saturday, November 13, 2021

The Signs

I haven't written anything here for a long time because there's nothing to write! It's just the disgusting work and then coming back home. Work at the side of the former nasty residents of slums and then coming home, eat, do a few things and go to sleep and again the same! Over and over. The only difference is that now I work 5 days a week which is much better. Less torture! Almost the same money.
My plan to date the Blue-eyed Lady hasn't materialized, though! I tried to go to her office several time and she seemed to have a visitor every time! I eventually had an opportunity to have a little chat with her and she was very nice and smiling all the time! I think something very good had just happened to her because she usually is not that way. She said that I could go to her on Fri. afternoon and I thanked her. 
I dropped by on the day and she was on a sort of telephone conference. She even didn't here me knocking twice and finally a few minutes before going home I knocked on her door for the third time. She asked me to wait a second and then opened the door. I told her that I had been there and she said she had been busy. She apologized and I said it was okay and stepped out! 
I think she realized that I was upset, not that she gave a sh*t! She just said she was sorry but maybe I read the signs incorrectly because she had waved at me a couple of times before that and the very day that I had that pleasant(!) chat with her, she said that " she was late to see her friends " meaning that she doesn't have a bf! I have known her for almost 2 years now and never asked her out! Now I don't even think that I am a sort of person who is interested in her! Otherwise why I had not asked her out for such a long time?! 
I doubt that he answer would be positive but I will talk to her hopefully this Mon.
(Photo: There're quotes about loveless life but unfortunately I have none on the time of my mind at the moment! I never thought of love seriously before the last years of my marriage and after she left! It's always like that. Once you have something, you don't appreciate! When it's gone, you realize what you've missed and you regret!) 

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