Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Last Two Dreams/Nightmares of Mine

I rented a room from The Brave when first came to Canada and stayed at his house for nearly six months. Our relationship/friendship has had ups and downs but now is in stable condition! I visit him at times, praise him(!), he bullshits(!), we eat and I leave! This has been like this for the past 3 years or so. I'm Okay with that but I will change it and there will probably posts about the changes!
I dreamt of him a few nights back and when he called me I forgot to tell him.
I dreamt of going to his house and the house was much bigger than this house that he currently resides in. He has another house at the other side of the city and that is where I originally stayed with him. That is where The Chef lives in the basement after losing his house.
In my dream, when I got there, The Chef was not there and The Brave was about to leave the property which contained a very big yard full of trees, with a bunch of guys who were all his tenants at the house! 
That was it but I was about to ask him when he was headed when I woke up! There was a stress on the fact that The Chef was not there one I got there or had just left. What does that mean? I have no idea. When he called me yesterday and I told him about the dream, he took at as a positive thing and referred to the tenant he has in basement at the moment.
The other dream was much shorter than this and happened a couple of weeks before this. I was somewhere, on top, where I was able to see the line of people in an Assessment Centre! It was just that scene. Nothing else. It in fact was like a picture that someone had taken from the top and I was looking at it.

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