Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Saved by Fools (Save on Foods)!

I have mostly unpleasant memories from the time that I lived in Lower Mainland Brit"SHIT" Columbia: Moving from one shit place to another, low-paid disgusting jobs, unreasonably over-priced items, monopoly of main businesses by the disgusting provincial government, traffic. miserable weather which contains and still contains hot summer and shit rainy seasons, you name it. Add on the top that my wife's separation, at least one of her excuses, was leaving the province because she preferred that weather the extreme cold of Alberta.
That being said one of the miseries in British Columbia (or as I'd prefer to call it Brit"SHIT" Columbia) is this disgusting grocery chain called Save on Foods, as I'd like to call it Saved by Fools
How this nasty, disgusting company works is that they have everything more expensive than any other major supermarket, even more expensive than Safeway. Let alone The Real Canadian Superasshole and Wal-Nasty-Mart! Why? I have absolutely no clue! Perhaps they think they're so freaking special! 
When we lived in White Rock there was one branch of this disgusting shop near us and we had to purchase grocery of and on from them. Now as much as unlucky I am, I've moved to this small town in Alberta and the closest grocery store to me is Saved by Fools
But why do I call it Saved by Fools, instead of using its original name it's because the company is saved from bankruptcy from by the fools who waste their money there! 
Just the other day I needed a few item and went there. The place was quite busy considering being weekend. I walked into a few isles and had a look at a few items: Everything at least $1.5 to $2 more expensive for no reason! I thought to myself then: I'm only one person and if I purchase 5 items it will be at least $5 more expensive for no reason. How about a family of 4!? And then I stepped out and promise myself never step in that land pirates place unless something of emergency appears!
(Photo: I wish I could change the sign on the top of their building to this. What I know is I will soon send a letter to their manager with this logo on the top!) 

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