Saturday, April 10, 2021

The As*hole got Fired!

The first thing I was told when I went to work the other day and it's usually done by a person who tells the company stories and at times spreads rumors was that the Petite Girl had been fired! I was a bit surprised that how someone could get fired from a job that she had it only for about a month, particularly a Caucasian woman who seemed to be very comfortable with what she was doing.
And then I asked someone who I could trust. He confirmed and added that there was an argument and she wanted to do thing the way she was doing them and she got fired! hard to believe but then that's what happened. I waited until I finished work and I went to Lazy Ass, as I was supposed to and over there after a consultation(!) I sent her a message to show that I care and consoled her. The asshole didn't even bother responding! I said to myself: F*ck it. Who needs a stupid whore who gets fired from a job after barely a month?! Silly me who made a good piece of Banana Bread for this asshole. Let her suffer and eventually die in pain! I deleted her number from my list! 
(Photo: I know she had a few things in her desks when she was asked to leave. And I know how bad that feeling is when you have to gather your things and leave because I have done that. The difference is there were not many people who saw me at the time. For her there must have been at least 5 or 6 employees in the room. I wonder what the reaction of her friend was. I think she had a chubby but delicious Caucasian girl of the office as her friend because I saw them together at least twice. I think she was introduced her to the company)

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