Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Third Wave?

Just when everything was expected to go back to normal. the provincial authorities warned of the third wave and brought the restrictions back! This was 2 weeks ago. Now they're urging everyone, eligible, to register for vaccination. Many refuse to get vaccinated and everyone has a reason for that. I, however, registered because I'm getting out of not only the country but also the continent the first chance I got and I don't want to be sent back in any airport, anywhere in the world. I registered but just a few days later I received this e-mail saying that they had to suspend registration due to the overwhelming number of applicants! Now I will have to go to the pharmacy that I have registered with to see what they say.
In the meantime Mom has received her both doses and Farzin has received his first. I hope they're effective. 
(Photo: A funny, not stupid(!), only funny statement in a McDonald's restaurant)

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