Thursday, September 30, 2021

A Miserable Failure

I failed all three exams, that I wrote in one day, last week! I was close in two but what does it matter?! A fail is a fail! I know what my weaknesses are, not all of them of course and I'm going to re-write them all but the cost is too much. $139 + tax for each exam! This is the cost of stupid mistakes and laziness! I had time for each exam but if you don't know the right answer and have not studied well enough, plus you have been away from the right work for too long, the extra time means nothing! 
$437.85 plus the day that I will probably have to take plus the cost of gasoline! This is the total cost of stupidity! Not to mention the price that I will probably have to pay for any reference materail, although I have many! Having references is not important. Having a good plan and executing that is!
(Photo: No arrow even hit the target circle! Can I use this as the way I scored in my exams? It actually is not like. I gained the scores but not the wining scores! So if there were arrows landed in dark blue or blue sections, it would be a good photo depecting what actually happened)

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