Saturday, February 26, 2022

Not so Lucky against Lowlife people!

The fat, ugly, Hispanic fella came to me again the other day and said that I would be called to the office  to discuss the position. He added some more bullshit and I only confirmed! Later during a general meeting it was said, by the evil woman, that everyone can apply for that position! Hispanic fella then said that I needed to give my resume to her! You see? Motherfuckers have no clue of what's going around them and now they request my resume. An irrational reaction would be breaking both of the animals neck and set them on fire to be a good example for the other motherfuckers who practice favoritism but we live in Canada and doing such a thing would end up in court and eventually jail! So I said: Why would they need my resume?! He said some bullshit and I said okay. It means the position is gone. I think the evil woman decided to give it to one of the girls on the floor. Fuck them. They are all motherfuckers who came from absolute poverty. Eating a full nutritious meal or driving a car was a dream for them in their home country and even now they eat shit and live in ghetto and knowing my background is a continuous disturbance for them! Just to show who these people are, this animal Hispanic guy told me that he would want to go to his home country back in Sep. of last year. I asked him a few times after that if he was going and he said it would be expensive, because of the tests. The motherfucker fills himself with nasty sugary doughnuts and filthy sandwiches every day! If he saves that money, he would not only be thin and healthy, but also would be able to make that trip happen! Filthy, fat, animal! Later during the day I felt a bit of awkwardness between me and him and also the evil woman but I acted normally. I don't give a shit. I will have to work hard to get myself out of this hole. 
(Photo: It must not be so related to the post but since I mentioned ghetto, I thought it'd be nice and fair to write about Calgary's ghetto as well. This is the east part of the city and falls in Southeastern quadrant and [SE] starts from what the city calls it International Avenue! And the reason they call it International is you can see war refuges and other types of poor people who ran away from their country of origin and sought asylum in Canada: Vietnamese, Kurds of Iraq and other countries, many many Africans who used to work for $0.25 and now would do anything for $15 and hour, Afghans, you name it. The funny thing is the City of Calgary thinks but putting a few flower vases and painting murals they can create another street like the 5th Avenue in New York City[!] while I wouldn't even go through this neighbourhood, if I wanted to go to the east side of the city! But frankly the fact is I lived in this neighbourhood back in 2006! One of many mistakes I have done in my life and that was the time that Ray the Microbe fooled me to become his roommate. Although nothing major happened at the time, a total of 13 months, but after that I had to move out and find another place while I had a comfortable apartment of myself in a good part of Downtown. In a nutshell, stay the hell away from the so-called International Avenue and the areas around, there's nothing there for a visitor or a newcomer to the city unless you're a war refugee or someone in that level of life. Then you're gonna love it but clashed between the races is always there!)

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