Thursday, May 19, 2022

An Offer

Newlywed once told me: Nothing is finalized, in a job application, until you get the offer. He thought he has said something for the first time in human-being's civilization! I'd like to correct that to: Nothing is finalized until you actually go to the workplace and start. And even after that, you could be out any time. This is clearly indicated in every offer letter.
I got one today after months and months of looking and still isn't what I've been looking for but what can I do? I'd have to stick with it. So here's what happened today: I was at work, as usual and decided to have a break. I sat at the table to have a coffee and that was one the telephone rang. That was Boss-to-Be! He said that he had sent me the offer and wants me to sign it and send it as soon as possible. I thought to myself: How the hell do I do it fast?! So I got out and went to a Staples which was actually more than 10 minutes drive. They have this fantastic method(!) of printing if you have the document in your phone and that's what my situation was because I opened my e-mail and there it was the offer, attached as PDF document. I downloaded that to my phone and from there sent it to a Staples e-mail address(!) which communicated with a printer and then a code was sent to me and I entered the code to the printer and Voila!
I then composed an e-mail to Boss-to-Be and the attachment was a photo that I took from the signed offer and send it to him by the phone! Drove back to work and continued like nothing has happened. 
But let's go back to the offer. There're a number of differences between what I had been told and what's in the offer which although not very concerning, I'd like to mention it: First of all the term of the project is indicated as a year while it's shown as only 6 months in the client's document. Secondly my position has been changed from what I originally applied for. The second one is, probably, because that now I will work with someone else with lower wage but the first one is not a concern at all! My only problem is to be able to convince the people at the current job to keep me on for a part-time position until I feel safe or at least find something better. I still have to hear from the this job and also another Government job that I've recently applied for.
In addition to the above I was able to postpone my closed book exam. which is very good. I haven't had time to study much and didn't want to fail again. Now while working a better job, hopefully(!), I can study and pass the damn exam. That's the plan. 
(The process of accepting the job offer was performed remotely as I described above)

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